Today is a mix up of different things not really related but all good.

First up, keeping with my newfound love of the podcast, is John Hodgeman of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart fame with Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist podcast. They are really funny together and I love the way John Hodgeman uses words.

In other celebrity news, there is a new book out about Banksy. ‘Banksy: The Man Behind the Wall,’ by Will Ellsworth-Jones. The New York Times put out this great review of the book and even if I wasn’t already a Banksy fan I would still be excited about the book, based solely on this article.

From the world of web design I found this interesting article from sixrevisions.com. I agree with the author, knowing HTML and CSS and being a web designer go hand in hand. I am currently learning how to code and I’m not going to stop, but there have been some huge advancements in web design technology. From Joomla and Drupal to Dreamweaver and Bootstrap, not to mention the drag and drop options available from hosting services, it is definitely not necessary to know how to code to build a website, but if you want a good website…

And finally, something of the novel. It is rumored Japan has a 3D printing photo booth. Pose in front of the camera and a 3D printer generates a tiny replica of you. 3D printing is starting to take off and this kind of commercialization proves the interest is there from the people with the money. It’s easy to get money to print medicine and clothes, but for something as pointless as rendering 3D likenesses of the general populace, someone sunk their own money into it.

Hope you all enjoyed the collection today.

Happy President’s Day!