Ideas About Architecture

Every Christmas of my life I’ve found Legos either under the tree or in my stocking. My daughter is finally old enough to play Legos with me and I am enjoying the experience as much as ever. Legos have come a long way since my childhood; from Star Wars to Super Heroes and Technic to Duplo Legos cover a wide range of interests and ages.

Lego Architecture
One of my projects over the summer was creating an annual report for LEGO. While researching LEGO I discovered a new product they recently rolled out. A set of 1210 white and translucent pieces and no instruction book. Imaginations can run wild but if inspiration is lacking the kit does include a 250 page book of LEGO experiments. Try the LEGO store to get one. I haven’t been this excited about Legos in years, but a 1200+ piece box of Legos designed to be designed by users sounds like fun to me.

Edgeland house
Outside of Austin, in a supposedly worthless piece of land is an amazing house. Bercy Chen designed a house embedded into the ground to help regulate the temperature in the house and allow the field to thrive. Appropriately the owner of the house is a science fiction author.