Return of the Pod(cast) People

My love of podcasts is an ever evolving organism and today I have a selection of some of my favorite podcasts lately. I realize podcasts are essentially talk radio and I might be turning into my father but there is no denying the benefit of listening to people sharing information.

Type radio
The production quality is not super but the content is awesome and it is not hard to listen to. Featuring interviews with well known designers from around the world, the four part Massimo Vignelli interview is a gem in the series.

Let’s Make Mistakes
Not always serious, not always on topic, but always entertaining and/or educational. The description, “Mike and Jessie talk about design, with a lot of tangents along the way” is accurate.

Pixel Recess
This is purely fun. Each episode is around 10 minutes and consists of an interview with a designer and usually ends with cursing.

Here’s a couple of my recent favorites not related to design.

Sawbones–A marital tour of misguided medicine
This is one of my favorites from Maximum Fun (see also Judge John Hodgman). Mrs. McElroy is a doctor and Mr. McElroy is the perfect foil. They travel through the history of medicine and reveal some of sciences’ less proud moments. Of course cocaine is a great cure for opium addiction, so is drilling a hole in your head. They are pretty good about getting out a new episode each Friday and being funny.

A great podcast ordinarily, they went out of their way with a live tour and were kind enough to post a performance on YouTube. Fascinating, exciting, and educational barely scratches the surface of this production.
Radiolab Live – Apocalyptical


Back to School Edition

Getting ready to start another semester, turning my focus squarely on design I found some great conversations about typography.

I did not get to see the talk Jessica Hische made from this text, but I bet it was awesome. I like the list of foundries and the tips for selecting the best font.

Nico Inosanto created a great display font called Fitigraph. Abundantly ligatured and fun, this font could be used for a wide variety of creamy applications.

This semester I will learn more about Photoshop and create solutions to four design problems.
I am excited and will be sure to post any highlights as they arise.

A day late and dollar short

Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day, I did, so I didn’t get to post like I wanted to. Or save money.

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. I won’t go into the list of podcasts I’ve listened to over the last week because they don’t all fit into the purpose of this site, but I have enjoyed Design Matters 2013 from Design Observer. I recently listened to an interview with Jen Bilik who runs Knock Knock which combines design with humor and writing to create unique items.

Here’s the link to the podcast of Debbie Millman talking with Jen Bilik. Enjoy.

Design for good

Design doesn’t always have to be about selling products and making money. Use those design powers for good!

OzHarvest is an awesome program in Australia which collects perfectly good food destined for the dump and gets it to people who need food. A pair of design firms from down under helped them out pro bono.

One of my favorites, frog, views design as a privilege.