Interface and Beyond!


Here’s a great article about communication between devices and users and the three part evolution of interfaces. Might Organic User Interfaces be the final nail in the coffin for paper?

Even though I feel I have grown adept at typing on a touch screen(with the help of autocorrect) but having one of these panels could make typing easier and maybe some awesome gaming applications.

Another direction in interface design is more personal. By measuring heart rate, the Immersion is a headset which increases the difficulty of a game the more stressed the player becomes. I’ve written about Emotiv before and Oculus Rift (recently acquired by Facebook), the Immersion feels like a nice addition to interactive gaming.

This is supposed to be the year of wearable tech, which is moving the interface out of the devices and into the fabric of our physical lives. And possibly another step toward merging with the machine. Exciting and scary.



Back to School Edition

Getting ready to start another semester, turning my focus squarely on design I found some great conversations about typography.

I did not get to see the talk Jessica Hische made from this text, but I bet it was awesome. I like the list of foundries and the tips for selecting the best font.

Nico Inosanto created a great display font called Fitigraph. Abundantly ligatured and fun, this font could be used for a wide variety of creamy applications.

This semester I will learn more about Photoshop and create solutions to four design problems.
I am excited and will be sure to post any highlights as they arise.