I Made It!

I have finally graduated from Austin Community College with an Associates Degree in Visual Communication with a specialization in Graphic Design. Now the real work begins.
Through the course of my education I would occasionally think up projects for myself but the grueling schedule of school, work, and family left no room to pursue any personal projects. I still have work and family and I’m actively looking for a career to apply my newly minted degree to, but now I have time to chase my wild hares.
I am excited about this next year and the start of my creative career.
My portfolio site is now fully live at petesmith.info. Like everything on the web it’s a work in progress so check back occasionally for new content.


Get a job, hippie!

I don’t graduate until December of 2013 but it is never too early to start looking for a job. I found what I believe to be a great career advice article. The points made in the article seem like good ideas.
I also feel the urge to pull my portfolio site until I can make it look better after seeing some of the examples. I’m in Web Design 2 right now so I should be able to fix it up soon…

Let me know what y’all think about the article, has any of these things worked for anybody?