Good lookin’ out Science

Starting at the edge of the galaxy.
Voyager I and II, something humans launched in 1977 are rapidly approaching interstellar space. Rocketing out at 38,000 miles per hour, the Voyager spacecrafts are 11.5 billion miles away from earth.
According to NASA we will be able to maintain radio contact for several more years.

Closer to home, from the space station.
Later this year UrtheCast will begin broadcasting streaming video of earth from twin cameras mounted on the space station. In High-Definition. Supposedly users will be able to see actual people in real time and will be able to send video clips to friends.
Besides the obvious privacy/Big Brother issues this raises, what a great idea. Zoom in on sporting events or Mardi Gras, protests or war zones, survey natural disaster areas.
Whether we like it or not we are moving into a brave new world and like any tool it will be up to us to decide how to use our technologies for good instead of evil.

On that note, new rumors from Cupertino.
Apple rumors are notorious and don’t always pan out. But with the impending launch of Google Glass later this year it would not be surprising if Apple was throwing it’s hat in the augmented reality ring. It appears to run on social networking allowing users to share images and videos from their location with friends or colleagues in their network who can see the notes and tags overlaid on the real world.

I’ve heard of a bar already banning Google Glass to protect the privacy of its patrons but as it becomes possible to capture any and every moment the very idea of privacy may need a reboot, or at the very least an upgrade.
We are a curious species by nature and I doubt we’ll stop looking at the world, galaxy, and universe around us anytime soon.


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