Remember 2012?

Today I present an infographic about amazing scientific discoveries of 2012.

My favorite has to be the Quantum teleportation distance record. I am for anything which could get us closer to Star Trek-like teleporters, or faster internet.


One mans trash is another mans art

Recycling doesn’t have to be boring. Besides the ecological benefits, recycling can also mean repurposing and the repurpose doesn’t have to be for any purpose other than art.
There is a great amount of art which finds itself relegated to the junk heap, but these folks are making art from the junk heap.

Here is a collection of great art made from the detritus of our civilization.

James McNabb uses cast away bits of wood from his designer furniture shop to make art reflecting on the transition from rural to urban culture.

In my own backyard, the Cathedral of Junk is a structure built entirely of junk. This is no pile of trash, this is a look at America and our culture through the lens of our no-longer-wanted stuff. Blind to the inherent aesthetic and cultural qualities, the city wants to tear it down.

Not all trash is created equal, some wil merely end up in a landfill, some will become valuable works of art.

What a colorful world

As a child my favorite color was black. Fearing something wrong with me my mom tried to get me to like other colors. I thought navy and purple were pretty good, but when I finally got old enough to decide for myself, black won out.

Now I appreciate the entire range of color my eyes can perceive yet black is still my favorite because of the effect it has on other colors. And all the cool guys wear black.

Design for good

Design doesn’t always have to be about selling products and making money. Use those design powers for good!

OzHarvest is an awesome program in Australia which collects perfectly good food destined for the dump and gets it to people who need food. A pair of design firms from down under helped them out pro bono.

One of my favorites, frog, views design as a privilege.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013! We made it through the appocolypse and this looks to be an exiting year. Check out the predictions for the coming year.

For myself, the new year will mean regular posts on Monday and Thursday, as well as my last year of school.
I’m excited for new beginnings and the continued exploration of our surroundings and beyond.

Have a safe and productive year of the Snake.