Dreams Realized

Check out this great article. Live life to the fullest, fill life to the livest.


What a schedule

Stefan Sagmeister takes a year sabbatical every few years to pursue whatever he wants and recharge his creative batteries. Can’t say I’m not jealous. Read the whole interview with Theme Group.

Taming the Logos

Here’s a great article about what not to do when designing a logo.

I had an awesome design teacher who showed me the importance of conceptual vs. eye candy. A logo with a strong concept behind it is always better than a logo which merely looks pretty.

Here’s the link to some logos I’ve designed.

Future Art

I grew up in a land without the Internets or cell phones. Sure, TVs were ubiquitous, but we still had land lines and monochrome. I never could have imagined where we are today. I’m writing this on my phone on my front patio. The only time I need a wire is to charge the battery and I get Retina quality colors. So I forgive myself for not seeing the possibilities for art in this digital age. I’ve been using 21st century technology, with a 20th century mindset. What has this technology done to our brains, our evolution, our culture? How can our art reflect this change?
Now, I can’t really remember how we managed to survive in a wired world. If I had to rely on a home phone and an answering machine I would never see anyone unless by chance. We have evolved as the tech has evolved. Then I couldn’t imagine now, now I can’t imagine then.

Check out this article about the future of art.

Infographic anyone?

As part of my Typography class this semester I produced this  infographic about comedy. It is really hard to find any stats about comedy or comedians so I found what I could and patched it together. The main focus was on the typography and not the content.

Here’s a link to Laugh Lab, the experiment to determine the world’s funniest joke. (They couldn’t have actually found the funniest joke in the world because they only allowed clean jokes.)

And here’s a funny video about the Laugh Lab experiment.

Please enjoy and remember that 15 times a day is the average number of laughs, but it is recommended to laugh at least 20 times a day for good health.